Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Few Updates in Pictures

So I've been MIA...again.  Here's what's been going on since August...

Football season is here again!

Drew Baby is born and we become Aunt Ashree and Unca Ry

I find fitness again
Ryan and I do NOLA

Pirates in the Super Dome

Family Thanksgiving at the Beach

We celebrate 60 years of Sandy

Orff and I find one another again

Christmas is here!

We love babysitting!

Mom and Dad do NOLA

Dan and Sara get engaged and we celebrate...hard.

Ryan and I celebrate our first Christmas as husband and wife and also celebrate 6 months of marriage!

I promise I'll continue to come back!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Challenge

This is the typical Ashley-around-school-time.  I start perusing the blogs and get caught up in ideas that I try and cram into the school year the week before it starts.  Right now, I'm tackling "The Cafe Book" as an addition to my Daily 5 challenge.

Customer Image:

Thursday, August 23, 2012


...I get genuinely upset that Peter Boyle is dead.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching

I've discovered a new love and a new challenge I'm ready to accept.  I found this awesome blog and am enjoying scouring the site for new and fresh ideas.  I wandered upon a post about "Whole Brain Teaching".  The gist is that you use several "cues and commands" with gestures and voice mimicking.  Also, there is a lot of what I call "buzzing" in which the kids share ideas and reteach.

Here is a video of Chris Biffle modeling it for a college course.
After you get hooked (I promise you will) there are several videos of him offering the first steps on youtube.  Just search Chris Biffle.

Also, here is the link to the website that also gives you step-by-step instructions on getting started.

I'm picturing putting together some visuals of this as well.  Just things around the room to remind them of how we do things!

I'm super excited about getting started on this!  I will update and let you know how it goes!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Milk Mondays

Couldn't Be Cooler
Just walked in on this little man taking a nap.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My (Our) Pirate Love Affair

As I was thinking this post out I found myself diverging in two seemingly unrelated directions.  My love affair with the Pirates and my family.  As I thought further, they are sort of one-in-the-same.  So this post is sort of going to be a twofer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What Gets Me Through: Edition II

Here are the latest tunes that are getting me through my workouts!  The ones that let me push through that extra song/mile/set.  As always, they're as random as I am.

Cher Lloyd ft. Astro, "Want U Back"  -- I thought this was Nicki Minaj for a while!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letting Go A Little Bit

In preparation for the upcoming school year and in order to "disconnect" for a while, I've taken a break from Facebook and other "networking" type sites for a bit.  It's just time for me to avoid conflicts like these:

and to focus on more moments like these:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Wednesdays

Here are some things I'm checking out on Pinterest these days.  You can click the pictures for links!
Pinned Image
Oh, Michael Scott.
Pinned Image
Can finally do this since our specials are at the same time now!

Pinned Image
I always prefer pictures over art.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
One Day.  Not now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Honeymoon in Kauai

The Wednesday after the wedding we spent a blissful 10 days in Kauai, Hawaii!  We stayed at the St. Regis in Princeville for 2 nights then moved to The Cliffs, a time share in Princeville.  We traveled to the nearby beaches, spent some time at the pool, wined and dined in the small town of was absolutely wonderful!  We can't wait to go back!
Flying into Honolulu

The Back to School Countdown Begins!

Love this tumblr and this truly defines how I feel!
Returning to work

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet, Sweet EI

Here we are at the most wonderful place on Earth...Emerald Isle, North Carolina. This place will always hold an extra special spot in Ryan and my's heart as it was where we got engaged! Here are some highlights of our first full day. Lots of love, sun, good runs, tricep dips, corn hole, and Bud Lights!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Painting the Guest Bathroom

I love the summer months because I get to tackle some projects that drive me batty during the school year. The first project of the summer was our horrible guest bath. Who paints a small room navy blue? It reminds me of an angsty teen. None of those around here, yet!

The first step was cleaning the walls. The paint was so dark is showed dust. Yuck! I then taped off edges which was because there is an oversized built in vanity. I also couldn't get much of the hardware off!

Our Wedding: June 23, 2012 - Reception

The reception was an absolute blast!  We had it at the Commonwealth Club which is beautiful and elegant.  Rumor has it, the food was amazing!  We were too busy to eat, but we're so glad the guests enjoyed it!  The flowers were beautiful and Julie did an amazing job!  Here are some pictures of the "details:"

Our Wedding: Saturday June 23, 2012 - Getting Ready and Ceremony

Our day was simply amazing.  To be honest, leading up to it I was worried it was going to be like high school prom.  You think and dream and plan and it always ends up being a let down (sorry to all of my prom dates out there).  I'm happy to report that our wedding day was better than I could have ever imagined.

The day started with a wonderful text message from my hubby-to-be.  "Good morning to my bride and my pup!"  I jumped out of bed and ran into my parents room.  For a second, if felt like a Saturday morning in the late 90s.  We chatted for a minute and they asked me how I felt.  I felt excited, nervous, ready, and a little thirsty (we definitely toasted the future last night).  These feelings would kind of intesify then ease throughout the day.

I jumped in the shower, so glad Teresa is amazing and wanted my hair clean ("We can dirty it later"....whatever that means!).  It was nice to have those few minutes to myself because I had been warned that those minutes were few and far in between.  I was super organized the days leading up to the wedding so I didn't really have to pack anything up.  The girls showed up and we headed to the salon.

We took turns doing hair and make-up.  Rachel brought us some food and we had plenty of mimosas!  I didn't over do it at all...I was honestly afraid I'd be nervous and start guzzling drinks!  The girls at Rituals were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I couldn't have been happier!

When we got back to the house, the photographers showed up.  We snapped a few shots, toasted one last time before the church, and headed off to get hitched!

All photos are by the amazing folks at DMFOTO

Milky did NOT like the cameras!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Wedding: Friday

Our big day was simply amazing.   As it grows closer, you wonder if it's all worth it?  The stress, the attention to details, the giving up other parts of your life.  I can honestly say it was worth every tear, scream, unreturned phonecall, hasseling via e-mail, everything!
The weekend started off wonderfully. Friday morning we had the Bridesmaids Luncheon at The Westwood Club. It was so great to catch up with the most important ladies in my life and enjoy a nice lunch together!  I, of course, got very emotional when I began thanking them. Cue the theme for the weekend: Water Works!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Back!

OK, OK, I know.  I'm terrible at this.  But I swear I think I have it figured out!  Unfortunately, I've had this idea that all of my blog posts need to be super long and brilliant (I mean, they have been so far, right?) but that's not the purpose of my blog!  I was inspired by my dear friend Becky who is so good about blogging!  She just updates blurbs and keeps her family in the know!  Plus, she has this brilliant idea where she prints them out each year to keep for her kids.  So smart! So, first up, the wedding!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Physical Therapy

I went to my first Physical Therapy session on Wednesday.  I'm really confident because the girl I'm going to also sees my dad and 2 other girls I know who are great runners!  When I went in, she evaluated my muscle tone, had me repeat some movements and do some stretches.  Turns out, my right leg is shorter than my left, which she feels may have caused some changes in my gait causing the injury!  She gave me a few stretches and let me know that I would start running on a special treadmill during my next session.

I went in there today and was so excited!  The treadmill is a special therapy machine that actually has you run with anti-gravity.  Here is their website.  You start by putting on these special shorts with a huge zipper around them.  You then step onto the treadmill  into this container that's almost like a plastic bag.  You zip your shorts into the "entrapment" and they start filling it with air.  As it's filling, it actually lifts you up off your feet!  They can then adjust the levels and control the amount of body weight you're carrying.  I started at 30% and ran just a mile.  It was like running on the moon!  Definitely a new experience for me.  Next time, they'll increase the distance and possibly adjust the levels.  It was just so awesome to be running again!  Bad news, she said the half-marathon is a no-go.  I had always known this was a possibility so I wasn't too crushed.  At least I have cycling now, too!

These are a few videos about it that really show how it works:


Since my injury, I've had to start looking into new ways of staying healthy and meeting my goals.  I've been focusing on some more weight lifting and toning, but I've also discovered a new love...CYCLING!  It's rewarding in a similar way to running; Noticing your resistance go up each session is like dropping seconds from your mile time!  One of my favorite things about running is listening to the high energy music as I go and we definitely have that in cycling.  The instructors really use the music to guide the intervals which is a huge motivator for me, personally.  I've been doing it 3-4 times a week and have gotten my buddy Meredith into it as well!  One of my favorite classes is a class called VideoCycle.  We literally watch awesome music videos while we spin!  Plus, you burn a butt load of calories which is awesome..I mean really great....super.  I've lost 4 pounds!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials

Here are the ones I really liked!!

Speed dating.  Hahaha!  I love talking babies!

If there is a rescue dog involved, you know I'm there.

I'm pretty sure Milk would have something to do with this!

10 K and Comfort Zone Camp

So I've "sort-of" gotten to go ahead from the doctor to start getting back into running.  He asked me how "married" I was to the idea of being a runner.  That wasn't a good feeling, but he assured me that I could do it, just not nearly as much as I was.  C'est la vie!  Anywho, I'm pretty sure I'm going to put the half-marathon on hold for a while and look forward to the 10K.  This year, I've decided to join the Comfort Zone Grief Relief team and try and raise money to send a camper to a camp.  This is the donation site:

If you don't know about CZC, it's one of the most rewarding and life changing things I've ever experience.  I encourage you to check it out! Comfort Zone Camp

Wedding Shower Whirlwind

We are the luckiest couple in America.  Period, end of story!  Our wedding party and dearest dearest friends threw us a wonderful couples shower this weekend.  It was an absolute blast!  This is an example of the was so us:

So many of our friends made the trip from out of town.  Special thanks to Kendall and Courtney, Kristin, Liz, LeeAnna and Kevin, and EJ and Kristen for making the trip!  They worked so hard and we felt so incredibly loved.  They had pictures of us all around, amazing food, fun music, and of course, terrific company.  It turned out to be a pretty late night and got a little true Richmond and ECU fashion!  Pictures to come!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Hybrid of Two Love Affairs

If you know me, you know that aside from my love for Young Money and dirty nasty rap, I also love Dave Matthews.  You get that, right?  Makes total sense. 

Now, is there anything much more liberating, loving, joyful, romantic, and sensual than John, Ringo, Paul, and George?

Get ready for this one...

Tough Week

A not so fun post.  I had a pretty tough week last week.  Lots of emotional ups and downs.  It started last Friday when the pain I had been having in my leg started to grow and hurt even when I wasn't running.  I had just assumed I was getting shin splints, a pain that was familiar to me during my cross country days.  Through some online research and talking to some fellow athletes, I learned that when it is a localized pain and hurts when not exercising, it could be a stress fracture.  After work that Friday, I went to Ortho On-Call.  Ryan went here when he broke his thumb and had a great experience.  As soon as I got there, they x-rayed my leg and asked me lots of questions.  I went to the examination room and waited.  The PA came in and immediately said "Don't you know running is bad for you?"  He walked over to my leg and pushed...right where it hurt.  I cringed and actually jerked my leg back.  He said, "That's what the x-ray said, too."  I immediately felt my eyes well-up with tears.  He had me fitted for a boot and crutches and set an appointment with a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Doctor for the following Friday.  No more running.  I just went home and cried and cried!

The next morning, I awoke to even worse news.  My grandfather had unexpectedly passed away the night before.  This was a complete shock.  We all immediately rushed over to my parents house to be together.  We cried, joked, laughed, and cried some more.  Nothing helps like family.  After those few hours of being sad, I started to think a bit more.  We had just had the best Christmas ever just a few weeks before.  He had finally joined his beloved Jeri, who had passed away 2 summers before.  After thinking that way, it was hard to be sad.  Sure, I felt sorry for my family, but there was no doubt that he was in a better place.  Mom and I got to spend a lot of time together that week as I helped her get his affairs in order.  I learned a lot about him, especially what he meant to his community.  We couldn't walk down the street without someone coming up to us and telling a story about some way he had helped them.  It was really neat. 

Long story short, tough week.  However, it just took a little digging to find the silver lining.  This is my favorite picture of him:  He and Todd at the NC State fair many many moons ago!