Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweet Pea's First Monument Avenue 10K

We did it!  I certainly didn't PR but I finished and definitely ran most of it.  I'm super proud of myself and so thankful for Mimi's company!  Sorry I got preggers and messed up our plans, but it probably worked out since you had runner's knees :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 18

Looking good in this pic (psych)!  Post workout...

Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the weight of a bell pepper and the length of a sweet potato!

Gender: One more week!  Found out that D-hoe is having a girl so I'm feeling even more way we're all having girls!  We found out today that another close couple to us are having a boy so they could be great buds.  Of course, nothing is definite!

Maternity Clothes: I wore some pants yesterday that were in a larger size from before my weightloss.  They looked great but were SOOOO uncomfortable!  I'm starting to think I'll need to get some maternity workout gear soon.  My tights are getting a bit too tight and my t-shirts won't work too much longer!

Nursery:  We picked up our crib and changing table!  The crib is still in its box but the changing table is put together.  Ryan caught me in there the other day just admiring it.  I'm so blown away that we will be bringing home this tiny little creature we created!  

Movement: I've felt more stretching and growth than anything.  I'm not always regularly feeling the baby but I've felt a little bit!  Baby is still preferring my left.  

Symptoms: Just feeling big!  I've been getting exhausted by the end of the day and have to fight naps.  I've been taking Milk on long walks and making sure I get a workout in.  

Sleep:  This is starting to get a little uncomfortable.  Once I get to sleep I'm fine, but my arms fall asleep from sleeping on my left.  I have a pregnancy pillow, but I want to save that for when things get worse.

Cravings:  Not many this week!  I'll take it!  Probably more protein than anything...meats and nuts.

What I Miss:  I still really miss the social aspect, but this week I've missed shopping and style.  I'm having a hard time rationalizing trendy or expensive maternity clothes.  I went to ruelala by habit the other day while I was bored and felt kinda down.  Oh well!  It's all worth it!

Best Moments This Week: My belly is a bit bigger every day.  I love those few moments rubbing my tummy when I wake up...just a little moment with me and the baby.

Looking Forward To: Staying active and feeling good!  Mimi comes Friday and I'm really looking forward to catching up with her on our run/walk!

I've been reading a book called The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy.  I don't agree with everything and the author tends to be a bit opinionated, but it's a nice fun read instead of the super informational stuff I'm usually reading.  She mentions something she's dubbed Gestational Psychosis.  It's essentially the bat-shit crazy stuff that pregnant women do.  I've decided to add this as one of my weekly updates.  They're fun to laugh at...after the fact.

Gestational Psychosis:  Sunday Ryan and I decided to just pick up some chicken for lunch.  I offered to grab it since I was out running errands.  I came home and we opened it and the order was WRONG.  Fish, not chicken.  I hate fish.  I lost it.  I was hysterically crying and couldn't make a decision about what to do.  Ryan decided we'd go back together and fix it.  I cried the whole way back to the restaurant.  We can obviously laugh about it now, but WOW.  I hate absolutely no control over it and I felt 100% certifiable!  Everyone say a little prayer for Ryan Marshall tonight as he has to deal with this!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


also the first album i ever owned on cd.

Week 17

Sorry about the quality.  Someone isn't too good at phone pictures...

Size of the Baby:  
Baby Marshall is the size of a turnip!

Gender: The anatomy scan is April 2nd...still feeling boy!

Maternity Clothes: Definitely feeling better in maternity clothes.  Old pants aren't even close to fitting and I don't quite fill out the flowy tops, but tighter fitting maternity tees are perfect right now!  I'm finding a good blend of these with my non-pregnancy tops.

Nursery:  Got a phone call today that the crib is in!  Holy cow, we're not ready for that!  We're waiting to find out the gender before we make any new moves.  Only a few more days!

Movement: Still feeling the baby pretty sporadically.  It's such a strange feeling.  I love knowing where baby Marshall is snuggling in my belly.  He/She seems to be preferring my left!

Symptoms: Day long headaches are about 2-3 times a week.  Boy, I won't miss those!  Exhaustion after working out is starting to kick in.  I'm afraid my morning workouts are slowly going to disappear...they aren't leaving me feeling as energized as they used to!

Sleep:  I LOVE SLEEP.  No problems here yet and the midnight bathroom trips are tapering off!

Cravings:  Back to craving sweets.  BAH!

What I Miss:  I miss happy hours and the spontaneity of grabbing a drink with co-workers to chat about the day.  I also miss the rewarding feeling of progress in fitness.  Setting goals and feeling my body achieving them is the best.  Just keeping me motivated for after the baby!

Best Moments This Week: I really feel and see my baby bump coming in.  A few people have commented and noticed it.  Woohoo!  Hopefully I will start to look pregnant soon and not just lazy!

Looking Forward To: Running the 10K with Mimi next weekend!  I won't be PRing this year, but still a great accomplishment!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Milk Mondays

Week 16

A little late because I kept meaning to get a picture...but I never did.  Honestly, I'm having a really tough time with my body changes.  I had worked so hard and it's really disheartening to see that scale go up.  I had lost over 50 pounds over the past few years and this feeling wasn't something I was expecting.  I always assumed I would be Ok with it because, HELLO!, I'm growing a baby!  10 months (40 the math) is a long time and things don't happen overnight.  I know I'm pregnant, I feel him/her occasionally, I've seen baby on ultrasounds, I've heard the heartbeat, but the day-to-day reality is my pants don't fit and there's some extra padding in places there didn't use to be!  Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely over the moon, but I felt like I should be honest about this!  Pregnancy isn't as glamorous as I thought it would be!  (I'm talking to you, acne!). But, as my wonderful friend Sara pointed out, "you've lost it once, you'll lose it again."  I am forever indebted to her for those words of encouragement!

Any who, Week 16!!

Size of the Baby: Baby Marshall is the size of an avocado

Gender: Still feeling boy!!!  I'll be genuinely shocked if they say girl.  Of course, I couldn't be happier either way!

Maternity Clothes: splurged on some Joe Jeans.  They make me look and feel great.  Really a great buy and investment in my mental well being!

Nursery:  No real changes, but I've started registeries at Target and Babies R Us.  Exploring items and browsing the internet for reviews.

Movement: I feel the baby most when I'm sitting.  He/she is rolling all the time!

Symptoms: The headaches are continuing and they're really terrible.  Dr Weatherford reminded me in her wonderfully direct way, "You're pregnant!  Your second trimester is tough because your first was a cakewalk!"  Touché.  I'll take these over morning sickness!


Cravings:  Peanut butter and cinnamon

What I Miss:  a good wine buzz over dinner with friends

Best Moments This Week: Friend's support on some choices!

Looking Forward To: More baby bump/less beer gut

This picture is from Meredith and LeeAnna's shower.  It's a bit past my 16 weeks but it's all I've got!  Love sharing these moments with great pals.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 15

Size of the Baby: Baby Marshall is the size of an orange!

Gender: We don't know yet!  I'm feeling BOY

Maternity Clothes: I've been in maternity pants for a while.  Most shirts are fine!  Still on the hunt for the perfect maternity jeans!

Nursery: We've purchased a crib and changing table.  We're refinishing Ryan's childhood dresser.  No furniture in place yet.  We're waiting until we find out the gender before we make and real moves.

Movement: I've started feeling flutters!  They feel like a rubber band vibrating.  The doctor says that's what they are!

Symptoms: I've been having pretty bad headaches.  I'll wake up with them and them they'll last all day!  Dr. Weatherford says they should start diminishing pretty soon.  Mild low back pain.  

Sleep:  No problems here expect for the early morning bathroom breaks!

Cravings:  All things PEANUT BUTTER!!!

What I Miss:  5 hour energy drinks!

Best Moments This Week: Hearing the heartbeat with Ryan and telling my students!  

Looking Forward To: Feeling the baby some more.

We're expecting!!!