Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 28

(This is post hormonal meltdown.  See: gestational psychosis)

Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the size of an eggplant.

Maternity Clothes:  I finally found some maternity compression pants!!  Yay!

Nursery:  Crib is up, decorations are coming in, chair is on its way!!

Movement: All the time!  I love it!  Last night we had MAJOR movement...I think she was flipping.

Symptoms: Sore feet and multi-day headaches.

Sleep:  Since we started Hypnobirthing, the relaxation tracks and exercises have made sleep really sound.  It's absolutely awesome.  

Cravings:  it's time to buy some more Honey Nut Cheerios in bulk.

What I Miss:  My pre-workout mix.  And B. Sherman getting hitched!!!!  Love you, Princess!!

Best Moments This Week: I was laying down just feeling Eliza wiggle today.  I felt clear kicks in my side and I gently pushed, only to feel her push back!  The best part is Ryan came home right at that moment and got to feel it, too!!  It's like we got to play with her little bit today.  I absolutely loved his face when she kicked him back.  I'm so glad he had that bonding moment with her, too.  Sometimes I feel a bit selfish to keep stealing these moments, so I was glad to share with Daddy.

Looking Forward to:  #jennandjudy are tying the knot tomorrow!!!  

Gestational Psychosis:  It has been a long and stressful week with SOLs.  I've also had some concerns weighing heavy on my mind about our birth preferences and how those will be respected.  I went into our birthing class with a lot of concerns that I guess I had been pushing down.  At the end of class, Gina was doing a fear releasing session.  At one point she had us visualizing our new family right after delivery.  Well, that got me tearing up and once I started, the flood gate was open and there was no stopping it!  I had tears streaming down my face as she was bringing us back.  I looked at Ryan and said "we have to go!"  There are four other couples in our class, plus the instructors.  We bonded a lot, but not that much!  Fortunately, I was comforted by the understanding looks of four other hormonal women.  I didn't see that one coming!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Showering Eliza Ward!!

My incredible co-workers/friends hosted such an amazing shower for our little one!  Here are some highlights!

Week 27

 Week 27 was a complete whirlwind!  With SOLs, showers, lots of school work, doctor's appointments, I've hardly had time to think!!  The week went pretty well.  I started getting minor Braxton Hicks and when I exercise, so that's kind of bummed me out.  I get to practice my breathing, though!!  

More importantly, we got the crib put together!!  

We got to try it out, too!
He was less than thrilled.

Coming up next, Eliza Ward's amazing Maybeury shower!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 26 (late)

 Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the size of a head of lettuce.

Maternity Clothes: loving maxi dresses!

Nursery:  Got the ottoman in!  Love it!

Movement:  She loves hanging out under my left rib :-/

Symptoms: My ribs are expanding, which is pretty painful.  It feels muscular and my high waisted bels don't fit anymore.

Sleep:  No problems here!  I'm pretty thankful for a job that knocks my butt out!

Cravings:  Nothing much this week!  Only had 2 smoothies!

What I Miss:  Hard workouts.

Best Moments This Week: seeing my beautiful sorority sisters!  We loved showering Ruby and visiting Hailey!

Looking Forward to:   Getting some SOL tests behind me!

Gestational Psychosis:  I was pretty normal!  

Awesome Finds!

A few weekends ago, Jen and I hit up some great yardsales.  Sara and I also found a great consignment shop!  We found some great stuff!  
Janie & Jack
Precious summer top
Rain coat

I also found a great covered sleeper for the beach and football games.

Finally, this Jeep jogger!  I found it on a county Facebook yard sale!  The owners were moving to Cincinatti and just wanted it gone!  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 25

 Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the size of a rutabaga.  

Maternity Clothes: Maternity workout gear is near impossible to find!  

Nursery:  Crib will be happening this weekend!  We also got our first nursery decoration purchase in, finally.  This will be perfect on the chair.  We should be getting the ottoman in next week.  

Movement:  Eliza is super active.  I'm Having the best time feeling her moving around all day.    Ryan got to feel several big kicks which is always exciting.  Our moms felt her moving a bit and My team got to feel her, too!  Dr. W says these next 3 weeks will be her most active.  

Symptoms: I've definitely felt myself slow down...I can't run up the stairs quickly anymore, hill workouts are a thing of the past, and carrying my school bag leaves me short of breath!  I'm blown away by how quickly things changed.  Back pain has really kicked in, as well.

Sleep:  Pierre the Pregnancy Pillow, as we've affectionately named him, is my NBFF.  It's helped so much.  Sometimes I can't tangled and can't get out of bed as quickly, but it's so worth it!  

Cravings:  Still craving smoothies.

What I Miss:  I've been pretty at peace this week, despite a few health setbacks, (allergies and sinus infections).  

Best Moments This Week: we had our first birthing class today.  We're practicing Hypnobirthing to create a positive, less scary birthing experience.  It was really awesome and we're looking forward to all it has to offer!!!  We both really truly enjoyed it.  What an empowering feeling and idea.  

And of course, meeting Hailey!!

Looking Forward to:  Seeing my sorority sisters and celebrating Baby Ruby!!

Gestational Psychosis:  I was inconsolable for about 30 minutes after learning a dog I follow on Instagram was hit by a car.  He's ok.  @myregalbeagle  


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weeks 23 and 24

I had an appointment today and Dr. Weatherford said she's measuring almost a week ahead!!  We are now expecting her around August 16!

 Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the size of a pineapple.  

Gender: Eliza!!!

Maternity Clothes: Giving in and buying maternity workout clothes this weekend.  

Nursery:  I finished cleaning and have the rug down.   I might convince Ryan to put the crib together this weekend.  We ordered the Ottoman of the chair we like to see if the pattern goes with the room. 

Movement:  She is most active at bed time and during math class (around 8:45).  I love feeling her while I'm teaching.  Ryan felt a great big kick last night!

Symptoms: Just tired and sensitive.  My temper has definitely flared.  It's really almost feels like a defense mechanism.  

Sleep:  I'm sleeping really well, but I wake up with back pain.  I'm going to try the pregnancy pillow tonight.

Cravings:  Still craving smoothies...I had TWO yesterday. I love Honey nut Cheerios but they're not a craving any more.

What I Miss:  Traveling and being able to commit to weddings and bachelorette parties.  We have to miss Brittany's wedding and Jenn's bachelorette and it makes me so sad!!!

Best Moments This Week: Sweet Hailey is here! I can't wait to meet her and spoil her rotten.  See you tomorrow, Baby Girl!

Looking Forward to:  The crib!!!

Gestational Psychosis:  I locked poor Papi in the closet yesterday and tried to go to the gym barefoot.   Ry says he's afraid to leave the house before me.