Friday, July 18, 2014

An Open Letter to My Unborn Daughter

Sweet Eliza,

It's my birthday!  As I sit here changing positions every three minutes trying to find comfort, I think about how my mom (your Laynie) felt just weeks before this day 29 years ago.  Considering I was two weeks "late," I imagine it was a little bit different physically, but probably not emotionally.  I came across this article the other day that really spoke to me.  It validated these new emotions I've been feeling and gave me a place of comfort to find in them.  

When we found out we were blessed to have you in our lives, a dear friend wrote me a sweet note and her words have stuck with me.  She said, "you think you know how much your Momma loves you now, but you're going to quickly realize that you weren't even close."  Baby girl, I haven't even laid eyes on you yet and sometimes I find myself so overcome with love for you that I can hardly stand it.

Now, here we are just four short weeks away from your due date, and I make an open promise to you to not wish a single minute away.  Sure, there are times that I drop something and come very close to leaving it on the ground because it's so much easier than having to bend down and pick it up, or I feel one of those nice little jabs in my left rib cage (you know the ones) and I grow so frustrated because I can't figure out why you won't just drop already, but those moments are coming to an end.  I won't get to feel you that way any longer.  Those not-as-cute baby kicks are our sign that you're alive and healthy and thriving.  The days are numbered of me being able to keep you so safe tucked away in there.  It's the closest you'll ever physically be to my heart and I can't ignore that.  I dream about the day that I get to see you turn my sweet husband into your Daddy, but for right now, I'll enjoy being selfish and keeping you all to myself.  I don't have to share you, yet, and I think I'll hold on to that for a little while.

I want you to come when you're ready.  I'm pretty sure you'll let me know.  Right now, it's just you and me, babe!


Friday, July 11, 2014

34 Weeks

Size of the Baby:  Eliza is the size of a cantaloupe.

Maternity Clothes: Everything maternity.

Nursery:  Done!  See the previous post.

Movement: Always!  

Symptoms: Frequent bathroom trips!  I tire quickly, too.

Sleep:  Getting tougher.

Cravings:  Cheerios again.

What I Miss:  Feeling energetic

Best Moments This Week: Finishing the nursery!  I love being in there.  Also, Ruby Madeline arrived!!!!   I love you, Kort!  You're amazing!!

Looking Forward To:  Another beach trip with the Marshalls!

Gestational Psychosis:  I was pretty good this week!

Eliza's Nursery

It's (pretty much) done!  We're just waiting on the side table!

We knew we didn't want to hang anything heavy over the crib so I got this adorable pennant off! Etsy The seller couldn't have been nicer and easier to work with!

We refinished this chest at Tynkers and Co.  It's absolutely beautiful in person and meaningful, to boot. It belonged to Ryan's grandfather and Ryan grew up with it in his room.  

Got these off etsy, too.  Each are from different sellers.  3 are song quotes (Ray LaMontagne, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan)

The side table will go next to the chair.

Need to grab one more basket!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

EI 2014

We had such a great week!  I love spending extended periods of time with Drew.  He's so funny and smart and he just blows me away!!  We had 6 gorgeous days plus one hurricane adventure!  Can't wait to share all the beauty with Eliza this fall!!

Sea turtle rescue

33 Weeks

Look, Drew!  A whale!

Size of the Baby:  Baby Marshall is the size of a durian.  Again, no clue!  I Los read she's the size of a honeydew...more my speed.  Regardless, she's around 4-4.5 pounds and pretty much the length she will be when she's born!

Maternity Clothes: Everything maternity.

Nursery:  Almost done!  I'm hoping to do a nursery post later this week!

Movement: All the time!  It's really awesome.

Symptoms: I went on a looooong walk on the beach earlier in the week and thing the unevenness of the sand caused some problems.  I had extreme back and lower abdomen pain.  I got a brace to support the bump and it's helped so much!!

Sleep:  Lots of bathroom breaks and some hip pain.  Getting tougher!

Cravings:  sweets

What I Miss:  My body...same old, same old.

Best Moments This Week: Fun in the sun with family at the beach!!!

Looking Forward To:  Finishing up the nursery and baby purchases.

Gestational Psychosis:  I had a pretty emotional week. I cried uncontrollably when we left Milk while we went to the beach.  I cried for two days with Ryan left the beach early (he had to work).  I also put high for the paint from. Honestly, I was a wreck.