Friday, August 28, 2015

A Mother's Love

Happy Birthday, Laynie!

My beautiful mother has a birthday today. I could never explain how eternally grateful I am to have been blessed with such an amazing mother. In my thirty years, I've come across a lot of people who aren't as lucky as I am. She is certainly not someone I take for granted.

My mom is my mentor. I value her opinion on every single topic. She's a role model as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and business woman.

She taught me that it's not all about me. There are a lot of times where you have to do things you don't want to do for the people you love. However, she also taught me to say no when your family needs to take priority or you're spread too thin.

She taught me to love your kids with all your heart, but never make them think the world revolves around them. I remember my mom running us all over the place and doing so many things for us, but I also remember her making time for her marriage and friends. They went away to soccer tournaments for us, but also went on trips for them. She's always been the queen of balance!

My mom showed me that friendships aren't calculated. Friendships should be easy and no person should make it hard on the other. True friends understand that life happens and that your interactions may ebb and flow, but that you'll always be able to pick back up.

She taught me that my spouse should be the person I WANT to spend my life with, not one I NEED to spend my life with. Plain and simple. She and my father both showed me to marry someone who saw me as their equal.

More than anything, my mom showed me how to raise a daughter who is independent. My mother always SHOWED me, she rarely did for me. I was responsible for getting my things done and she never bailed me out when I dropped the ball. I'm so thankful for that! My mom set out to ensure that I didn't rely on others to meet my basic responsibilities. I aspire to raise Eliza the same way.

Thank you, Momma, for being you and loving me! Happy Birthday.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Eliza!

I can't even believe a year has gone by. This time last year we were hunkered down in a delivery room with a long day ahead of us. You know how they say a woman forgets their labor? It's so true! When I think back, I remember a beautiful day of my body performing some pretty incredible miracles. I remember Ryan coaching me through pushing and giving me the motivation to push one more time and meet our incredible daughter. It was a truly amazing experience.

Then there has been motherhood. I could never have been prepared for the way my life would change. Those first few weeks/months were pretty scary. That I haven't forgotten. I have never been one to operate under such self-doubt, so this was a very new concept! But, Ryan and I linked arms and really powered through. Eliza has had such an uncanny way of cementing our relationship. Ryan is truly my partner and I'm so grateful for this beautiful girl who has joined us in a new way. We will ALWAYS be Eliza's parents.

Eliza, what an incredible little person you are. You're so very brave. You are never afraid of ANYTHING which gives your Mommy a lot of anxiety! You've never met a stranger and are so kind and warm to everyone you meet. You bring a lot of smiles to your friends and family, but also to a lot of people we don't know! You give sweet grins from the shopping cart seat in the grocery store, waves to people in the neighborhood from your stroller, and the sweetest little head tilts from your high chair in restaurants. You have a wonderful sense of humor and love to make people laugh. You know exactly what to do to crack everyone up. You mimic EVERYTHING and learn really fast. You figured out how to walk and haven't looked back! I'm pretty sure you'll be running any day now. 

More than anything, you're Daddy's little girl. You've softened my ESPN watching hubby and you melt his heart. You have your daddy wrapped right around your little finger and he would do anything for you. I love watching you together.

Eliza Ward, you're my best buddy and I've cherished every second of this life with you. You've turned our world upside down and we wouldn't change a thing about it! Stay brave, stay funny, and stay kind. The world is yours for the taking!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Amazing Summer

Here's to the last week of an AMAZING summer. I've truly cherished every moment of being with Eliza, working around the house, and putting a lot into my business.  I celebrated the Big 3-0 and enjoyed quiet moments with my little family.  We had two beach trips and a BIG trip to Punta Cana to watch Shawn and Katie tie the knot!  I spent time with family and friends, and we're wrapping up the summer with Eliza's First Birthday and a special visit from Liz! 

Here are some pics!